From seed to snack, the journey is the most important part of growing. We partner with the top growers throughout Michigan to deliver quality products with consistent taste to our retail partners and consumers. Our passionate team works closely with each grower to project future flavor trends and maximize their productivity per acre, maintaining the highest level of quality, and delivering new varieties to retail shelves with precision and accuracy. And our season doesn’t stop after fall harvest. We’ve invested in technology and space to expand our sales season to provide farm fresh apples all year round. We believe in providing access to healthy foods to impact lives. 

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Specialty Packaging

Whether you’re looking for the staple pack sizes or something more unique, BelleHarvest has the flexibility and creativity to deliver.

  • Standard Sizes: 3# bags, 5# bags, or bulk tray apples
  • Various Sizes: 2#, 6#, 8#, or 10#
  • Tote Bags
  • Pouch Bags
  • Mesh Bags
  • Euro Tray Bags
  • Variety Specific Tray Boxes
  • Display-Ready Cartons
  • Bulk Bins

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