At BelleHarvest, we respect and rely upon the health and safety of the environment to ensure nutritious and flavorful apples are available now and well into the future. We strive to make our planet and communities a better and healthier place to live through the following initiatives.

1. Providing a better choice

Helping feed the world is an amazing opportunity, and one we don’t take lightly. All of our work goes toward providing healthy, great tasting choices for people looking to move beyond the usual assortment of over-processed snack options. It’s our belief that fresh food, like our crunchy, juicy apples, should be enjoyed for its taste as well as its health benefits.  

2. Growing with our communities

Our team members and grower partners demonstrate a shared commitment to supporting our community by working closely with schools, food banks, and others who strive to promote healthy eating. By investing time, fundraising, and donations, we are focused on improving the lives of our customers, families, and communities one snack at a time.

3. Protecting our Planet

As stewards of our planet and its precious resources, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our negative impact on the environment. A few of our recent initiatives include IPM (Integrated Pest Management), solar power integration, and the development of an eco-friendly packaging option for consumers.

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View Our Specific Sustainable Practices PDF.


A healthy snack in
an earth-friendly pack

We’ve developed a new sustainable packaging option for our apples because we believe in providing healthy food that not only tastes good but is delivered in a way that is kind to our planet.

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Our new paperboard packaging is:

100% Recyclable

Recycling is key to an efficient sustainability cycle. The paper and packaging fiber recovered from our cartons during the recycling process can be reused to make more paper products versus single-use plastic packaging, which is limited in its recyclability.



Trees, unlike many other resources, are renewable. Sustainable harvesting and replanting practices ensure the long-term health of our forests and the continuation of this beneficial cycle.


Superior Protection

Our paperboard carton effectively prevents the apples from bruising or shuffling, providing a dense layer of protection compared to the delicate polymer material.


Easy to Carry & Store

The gable handle on the carton allows for quick grab and go accessibility, which is increasingly important to consumers who want to quickly get in and out of the store.

BelleHarvest’s sustainable packaging–see what’s in store.

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